Church in Vietnam gives to the poor through socially distanced plastic pipes

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A church in Vietnam has come up with an innovative way to give essential goods to large numbers of needy people without spreading Covid-19 through close contact.

Two long, wide plastic pipes run through the gates of Tan Sa Chau parish church in Ho Chi Minh city (also known as Saigon). Gift bags are then pushed through the tubes to recipients a safe distance away.

The system was devised by church priests.

Every day, Tan Sa Chau parish distributes more than 1,000 free gifts to the poor. Food is contributed by parishioners and includes bread, shrimp noodles and sweet potatoes, among other things.

In the video Mrs Nguyen Thi Thuy says: “This form of giving gifts by water pipes is very safe, to prevent the Covid-19 epidemic. I received five packages of instant noodles, chicken eggs, and sweet potatoes. This gift will help us with breakfast every day.”

Mr An said: “This model is very new, people keep a distance, keep a safe distance and can't jostle. Each person received a few gifts to share with each other during the epidemic season. I myself am a security guard in the quarantine area, so I took it home for the night shift to have food.”

While Mr Hung commented: “This model is too good, the gift is divided equally for everyone. Everyone keep a safe distance, get the gift and go immediately.”

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