Drivers demonstrate why squeezing through a gap in traffic can be a VERY bad idea

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Squeezing through a gap in stationary or even moving traffic is certainly tempting, but as these two incidents in eastern Europe make clear, the risk is rarely worth it.

In the Romanian capital Bucharest on 3 August this year, an Audi decides to squeeze through a gap in traffic.

There were three rows of cars all heading in the same direction. Two of those rows were stationary and the Audi could get past but the third lane was empty and had a car travelling quickly along it -- straight into the front of the Audi, who should have been paying more attention.

In another clip, filmed way back in February 2015 in Prague the Czech Republic, a Skoda Octavia was sat at a junction, and the filmer was driving straight forward.

The driver of the Octavia apparently thought it was both legal and a good idea to pull out right in front of the filmer, and do so slowly even though the filmer was moving fast.

It was not a good idea. Both cars were badly smashed, the filmer's girlfriend, who was in the car, had cuts to her lip, and the Skoda driver had a few scratches on his forehead.

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