All Trump (not republican) Supporters are Deluded Including the News Channels.

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a news group saying that a traitor to american democracy and american security is entitled to a military funeral is delusion at the highest possible level Ashli Babbit is exactly that, and if still alive would be indicted to stand trial in a federal court and seen as guilty as sin by global witnesses live on worldwide news channels.

All the mass shootings in the usa are done by angry people that have been brainwashed with politics since the very first day of school by a country that is a shambolic and corrupt mess.
they actually don't know how close they came to getting supernuked, by China, Russia and Europe when trump threatened nuclear war against north korea and china.
it is illegal to carry out nuclear strikes against any country on this planet and the penalty is total obliteration, and superpower countries are entitled to defend the worlds population immediately and destroy the threat to save 8 billion people, nuclear weapons are to be used in the event of another Lunatic like Hitler trying to take over the world, and Tyrant Trump was less than an hour away.
The Pentagon was warned by putin, xi jinping, and the heads of the european union that he better watch his mouth.
he was forcefully banned from social media, world leaders ignored him, and the pentagon worked out a way to get rid of the rabble rouser from gaining leaderahip of the USA.
his next plan was to try and take control of his own country by inviting thousands of trump supporters to meet at the white house on january 6th 2021, and from behind a bullet proof screen, he told his nazi army to take back what is ours, and march on the capitol, then try and gain power with his lunatic army.
God knows what his next plan was, probably gaining control of the pentagon and americas military might.
Trump thinks that no country on this planetbwill take on the usa in a nuclear war, he is partly correct, he would be dead in a very short time and instantly cremated.
the uk were testing nuclear bombs on christmas island in 1957-58, and we own waters around the usa to place chinese, russian and european nuclear submarines, he thinks that europe russia and china have kept their head in the sand since japan was atom bombed.
the usa would be doing herslf a favour to pay russia to have him poisoned with polonium and assasinated, the world and the usa would be a much safer place tomorrow.

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