Brave local climbs down pier to save cat stuck in sea

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This is the heroic moment a brave local climbed down a pier to save a cat stuck in the sea.

Saran Tonpradit was walking along the dock when he heard a moggie crying in Chonburi province, Thailand on August 23 morning.

The kind passer-by and his friend searched the area and found an orange kitten clinging on a rope attached to one of the posts before Saran saved the animal.

Footage shows the brave passer-by carefully climbing down the structure to reach the frightened cat that almost fell into the water.

The man said: ‘When I heard the cat’s cry I knew I had to save it before it’s too late. There was a family of cats nearby so I thought the little one trapped was part of the litter.’

After the kitten was rescued, it was checked for injuries by Saran and his friend but it was not injured aside from being exhausted.

The kitten immediately walked back to a stray mother cat waiting nearby and were given food by the animal lover duo.

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