Adorable moment GEESE waddle along train tracks delaying passengers in Thailand

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This is the adorable moment a flock of GEESE held up a packed train.

The gaggle wandered onto the tracks while the locomotive was thundering from Bangkok towards Chonburi province in eastern Thailand on September 22.

Eagle-eyed driver Bunyarak Nakkarit noticed the hapless birds waddling along the line and slowed down to avoid hitting them.

Bunyarak stopped for the unusual rail hazard and recorded the geese as they ambled obliviously along the tracks in front of him.

When they finally moved out of the way, the waterfowl birds turned back and moved onto the centre of the line - seemingly enjoying the straight route instead of the thick undergrowth on either side.

The driver even sounded the horn but without success.

Bunyarak said the geese blocked his train for more than 10 minutes and caused a short delay before he could arrive at the next station. However, he said the hold up was worth it to ensure the geese were unharmed.

He said: 'I looked ahead on the track and thought I saw ducks. I had to slow down because I didn't want to hurt them. Then I realised they were geese that had probably come from a nearby pond or a farm.

'I stopped the train then started moving again to try and scare them off. I did this about ten times before they finally went. It took about 15 minutes while I was just rolling slowly, stopping and starting again.

'I was just patient and waited for them to move off the tracks, even though they delayed the journey. I'm happy they're safe now.'

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