Terrifying moment PYTHON emerges on car windscreen with couple inside

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This is the terrifying moment a wild PYTHON emerged on a car windscreen while a couple was inside.

The deadly snake emerged on the bonnet of the black pickup truck while Sairung Buran and her boyfriend Tanakon were travelling from Chonburi province to Chachoengsao on Tuesday, September 26.

Shaken Sairung clutched the passenger seat in fear before recording reptile as it slithered across the hood and probed the glass - eyeing up the pair sitting inside.

The driver pulled over but the python still refused to leave - forcing them to drive for another 15 minutes before they reached a nearby Buddhist temple.

Sairung said: 'I noticed the snake on the truck and screamed. It stayed there and wouldn't move. Even when we slowed down it stayed on the car.

'We carried on driving then when we reached the temple it slid down the edge of the car and went into some nearby trees.'

Sairung believes that the python had been sheltering inside the car to keep dry during a recent rainstorm which has caused severe floods and flooding across the country. It then emerged after being disturbed by the engine while they were driving.

She added: 'I will check the car carefully in the future to make sure there are no snakes hiding inside.'

Thailand has a large population of wild pythons across the country. They frequently come into contact with humans when they venture into homes and cars. The larger pythons can kill and eat humans.

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