Biden Democracy Summit (Speaky's geopolitical analysis)

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Speaky's geopolitical analysis:

Inviting 110 nations is already a failure in itself, because it is very difficult for an event in which many people participate, can then be successful. It is very unlikely that the same common interests could exist for 110 nations.

Obama / Biden, instead of clearly asking some Southeast Asian countries to side with him against China, has instead decided to hold this "summit". Obama, who remains the real President of the United States, still wants to do the opposite of what Trump did: OBama / Biden only invites nations on his side, like-minded states. Therefore, this summit is exclusively created to oppose China and to declare who is with China and who is against it.

The Obama / Biden policy is to show the whole world that it is the nation that puts democracy and human rights before everything, arguments that in fact, China does not always put first. But then, what is this international summit of democracy for? It serves two things:

First: to bring the states of western Europe closer together, thus trying to make them take sides against China;
Second: it is an excellent opportunity for OBama / Biden to give report cards, to give votes to this or that state and to make it clear to someone that it would be better to change the political line to still remain friends of the USA. A kind of "soft" exclusion.

Finally, let's not forget that the summit is not in attendance, it is a virtual meeting, and brings with it many problems, such as security, the danger of hacking and many other things. We'll see what happens .....

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