Japanese artist makes motorcycle sculptures from materials he finds in the streets

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Ushio Shinohara became a figure during the 1960's Pop-Culture wave in Tokyo Japan. After WWII Shinohara enrolled in an art school only to find out the school had no money for any art supplies. The teachers told him to express himself but without any school supplies he went looking for materials in the streets and empty lots.

When walking home he found a can of paint by the road, some cardboard and rags that he wrapped around his hand. He dipped his hand in the paint and following his teacher's guide 'expressed himself' by punching the cardboard boxing style. It later became one of his signature techniques that he has since exhibited around the world in live exhibitions.

Shinohara lives in Brooklyn New York with his Noriko Shinohara who is a fine artist also known for her semi-autobiographical drawing and printmaking series "Cutie & Bullie" .

Shinohara's 'Motorcycle Sculptures' have been commissioned into bronze scultures and are in parks and many institutions.

In this exhibition he talks about the process of making the art and some of the thoughts behind it.

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