1   World Turtle Day 2021: Hundreds of sea turtle hatchlings released into Indonesian seas

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Welcoming World Turtle Day 2021, hundreds of sea turtle hatchlings released into the Indonesian sea at the Mampie Hamlet beach, Galeso Village, Polewali Mandar Regency, West Sulawesi during the 2021 Turtle Festival on June 14-15.

The release of this protected animal is a campaign to encourage the conservation of turtles from the threat of extinction.

The released turtles came from the turtle hatchery 'Rumah Penyu' (turtle house) Community in Mampie village.

The festival takes advantage of the enthusiasm of the crowds of visitors to provide education on the importance of preserving nature.

Nadia and Madinah, visitors said they happy as they had gained knowledge about turtles and helped preserve them.

"I feel happy because I can participate and help preserve the turtles in Polewali Mandar. This is our first experience releasing hatchlings in the high seas like this and it is very fun to protect life," they said.

In Indonesia, the threat of extinction for sea turtles is caused by several factors. Hunting to use turtle eggs, meat and shells as an economic community is one of the causes besides the increasing amount of garbage in the sea, plastic pollution, hitting by passing ships and other causes.

Every June 16, is celebrated as World Turtle Day, specifically for 7 species of sea turtles whose existence is threatened with extinction. Of the 7 protected turtle species, 6 of them are in Indonesia.

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