Video shows doctors removing huge metal rod in Indian man's chest

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A team of 15 doctors and six surgeons in India saved the life of a man whose chest was pierced right through with a long metal rod.

The medics in Bathinda, Punjab, performed an amazing operation to remove the roughly 6-foot (2m) iron shaft from the man's chest on 12 August. The doctors were amazed to see that the man was still alive when he was brought in.

Hardeep Sigh was going back home from his workplace in vehicle. He was sitting in the passenger seat. Suddenly the tire of the vehicle exploded and the left side of his body was pierced through. Passers-by were shocked and scare by his condition. Another car driver took him to the nearest hospital.

At the hospital, the rod was long an x-ray was not possible. After cutting the rod, a CT scan was done in which rib and scapula breaks were found.

It took five hours to successfully complete the operation, during which the man appeared to feel no significant pain.

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