++VLOG++ Sicily: Speaky AGAINST stereotypes and wrong clichés

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Speaky against stereotypes and wrong clichés:
I perfectly know what many people think about Sicily. No. I do not want to talk about it, just because in every nation worldwide there is more or less, the same situation. Often, in other countries, the situation is much worse than in Sicily. I wnat to fight against the stereotypes andf wrong clichès, even if I'm not born and raised in Sicily. Instead, I prefer submit and to talk about numbers, because when numbers meet words, numbers win.

- Total inhabitants of Sicily: 4.789.826
- Biggest cities: Palermo 1.268.000 Catania 1.068.835
-Transports: 4 international airports 10 main commercial/turistic ports and inside over 20.000 kms of roads: highway and others one

So, you can see that is not difficult to arrive and to move through Sicily. And when you'll be here, what can you do? You can do whatever you want, even....SKIING! Yes, on the volcano Etna, for example, 3.357 mts high, you can find 3 skilift and 6 ski slopes. More? If you like trekking, you have more than 10 mountains around 2.000 mt tall.

Do you prefer the sea? There are 6 marine protected area, where you can find (if you are lucky), the monk seal, 400 units worldwide. And what about the wine and food? 7 "native" red wines, and 7 "native" white wines. I said...food: cannolo, cassata, granita, arancino, pasta alla norma, caponata....and all what you want!

So, jump off from stereotypes who have destroyed our nation, and tell me what you think about! By the way, I am really very interested to know something about your country, because myself want to know more over the common thoughts we have about abroad.

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