Baby fish fill woman’s flooded room after heavy rain in Thailand

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A flooded home was filled with hundreds of baby fish after heavy rain in Thailand.

Resident Nong Lek stood on top of a plastic chair to watch the baby snakehead murrel fish swimming around her bed in Nakhon Pathom province on October 29.

The woman jokingly said that she would start farming the fish and sell them when they grow bigger.

She said: ‘I was surprised to see them swimming in my bedroom. I thought of taking care of the fish but ended up freeing them.’

Other than her property, Nong Lek’s riverside neighbourhood was submerged in floodwater after the rainstorm raised the level of the Tha Chin River.

Thailand and other countries in Southeast Asia such as Malaysia, Indonesia and The Philippines are at the peak of their tropical monsoon rainy season, which lasts until late November. Soaring temperatures reaching 35 degrees Celsius are often followed by powerful tropical storms with thunder, lightning, rain and flash floods which cause rivers to flow faster and become dangerous.

Many of the under-developed nations struggle to cope with the heavy rain due to under-investment infrastructure.

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