Giant 16ft-long python caught hiding inside concrete pipe

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A 16ft-long python was caught hiding inside a concrete pipe on a construction site.

The giant snake was sleeping inside the round structure when workers dug up the sewers and discovered the animal curled up in Patum Thani province, Thailand.

One of the workers tried to pull it out but when he realised that the reptile was too big, they called an animal rescue team to assist them.

Footage shows workers and rescue volunteers trying to take the huge snake out of the pipe using long catching poles.

Worker Wasan Seemun, 30, said: ‘We were hired to level the soil with a backhoe but while digging the sewer, we spotted the large snake hiding.

‘I can’t believe that a python that was almost double the pipe’s length managed to hide inside without anybody noticing. It was the biggest that I have seen so far.’

After almost 30 minutes, the rescue team was able to pull out the snake from its hiding place and was stunned upon seeing how big the snake actually was.

The snake was then secured inside a bag and was taken by the team to be released back into the wild later.

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