Biden & Trump: like the movie "Trading Places"?

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Speaky's geopolitical analysis:

Two Presidents for two different Americas, two Popes for one world kingdom.

The American electoral system is outdated, like most democracies. Trump has perhaps more voters on his side than Biden, and he can always catch up with them. I'm talking about social media. Internet.

It is the rule of retaliation, that is, whoever wins, often has to deal with the loser in an unbalanced way, and this will play the role of Biden's future as president.

Trump, even if he is not loved by everyone, is useful and powerful, his role is perfectly balanced between those who, even without wanting to, must respect him.

Rumors also say that Trump may open his own TV channel, and that would certainly be a huge blow to Biden. Trump, despite everything, is always on the crest of the wave, he is often one step ahead of everyone, like it or not.

And Biden, what will he do? We'll see ....

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