Landmark brought down by controlled explosives in Yorkshire,UK

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Crowds gather on a residential street in West Yorkshire this morning (Sunday 22nd August), as demolition by controlled explosives brought down the remains of a nearby power station. Spectators & residents gathered on Wordsworth Drive in Ferrybridge to see 2 650ft chimney stacks and a boiler house be demolished as part of the decommissioning of Ferrybridge C Power Station by demolition company Keltbray. The first part of the demolition took place back in July 2019 & saw the first cooling tower come crashing down. It was then followed by 4 more cooling towers in October 2019. Stranglands Lane & other nearby roads were closed from 8am, while the A162 & also the A1 & M62 motorways were brought to a standstill with rolling road blocks for 15 minutes while the demolition took place. The coal fired power station closed back in 2016 as a greener energy plant was built nearby, making the current station redundant. A major fire also broke out in July 2014 which also added to the stations demise. 3 cooling towers remain at the site which will be also brought down by controlled explosives in the near future.

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