Photographer captures close-up footage of baby gorillas wrestling on jungle floor in Rwanda

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A wildlife photographer managed to capture close-up footage of baby gorillas wrestling on the jungle floor in Rwanda.

Footage from 2013 shows the primate family gathered on the floor as the babies play fight each other.

Filmer Ian Redmond said: "How many human sports can you spot in this video of young mountain gorillas at play in Rwanda? Wrestling, boxing, gymnastics and even a sort of ball game?

"It begins with a bit of an argument between one of the females and Kurira, the dominant silverback of the Susa group; he then struts past Igisha, the number two silverback, who has been babysitting the kids under a bamboo thicket.

"About one minute in you'll see an infant carrying a green ball - actually a wild squash - which Edward the guide explains is a natural toy, not a food plant.

"Then there's chasing, play-fighting, swinging on the bamboo, us spectators moving back trying to maintain the 7-metre minimum distance, and tantalising glimpses of the ball-game through the bamboo.

"Keep watching to the end and you'll see that the young gorillas do chew the skin off the squash, though whether they actually eat it or not is unclear.

"Notice that when the adolescent males are play-fighting, you can hear their play-chuckles and see their open-mouthed play-faces - the equivalent of gorilla laughing!"

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