Cargo ship carrying a thousand tonnes of cement hits coral in Indonesia

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A cargo ship has hit a coral reef in Doreri Bay in Indonesia's Papua Province, Indonesia, on Saturday 7 August.

The KM Indi Nurmatalia 07, which is operated by the shipping company PT Indimatam Lines, hit the coral at around 8pm local time.

It was about to sail to Mimika district, a district in Papua province. The ship was carrying Conch branch cement, owned by PT SDIC Maruni, Manokwari, West Papua.

The ship is still being held by the Ketapang Diving community, who first discovered the incident.

The head of the Ketapang Diving Community, Alex Sitanala, told reporters in Manokwari that the initial rescue efforts were to calculate the damage to coral reefs at the scene.

"Due to this incident, we from the diving community will not let the ship out of Manokwari before completing the coral damage. Considering that this location is one of the coral transplantation points, this is why the Ketapang Diving team of Manokwari has done it," he said.

"There are three types of the best corals in the world that were damaged and the extent of the damage is over 52 square meters," he said.

Alex Sitanala added that they had also made a report to the local police, in this case the Water Police of the Manokwari Police.

According to Alex the location of the incident is the best diving location in the area.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Water Police Unit at the Manokwari Police, Police Inspector Edy Sutrisno, told reporters that they had received a report on the incident from the Ketapang Manokwari diving community.

"In accordance with our SOP (standard operating procedure) for solving criminal acts, currently the case is still under investigation by the Manokwari Air Police investigators, looking for the cause of this incident" he said on Saturday.

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