Valvoline ruined my car ( day 3 )

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I went to Valvoline a day before yesterday in warrensville heights Ohio. I never had work done toy car before until I had an oil change. I'm very leery of others working on my car because people always damage my car in the past, most of the time they all mess up my transmission. When Valvoline have me the oil change I noticed a leak under my car after I stopped at a convenient store. I went directly back to Valvoline and they said it was access oil, it will go away, they did something underneath my hood and told me if I see anything else that it would be water. I then post the video a day before yesterday of an oil leak
. The next day I post a video of the Valvoline in warrensville heights Ohio ( across from jack thistledown racino ) with the manager admitting what they did to my car and he put his hands on me in a physical altercation..he was bigger than
Me too.. today..the 3rd day. My car stopped on the freeway with smoke underneath my hood!!!!?

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