'Agatha Christie' - Viva, Kalman!

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A clip based on Tim Barton's 'Sweeney Todd, the Fleet Street Hairdresser Demon.'

The piebald moon is evening
The bald doorman lights the candles
The circus is powdered in anticipation of a meeting
With a hungry crowd.
And in a moment on the arena scarlet
The world will grow for the joy of the hall,
The white maniac will shake wearily
A broken head.

White clown, white martyr
For the sake of a drunken-burning laugh
Will scoff at himself.
He has work here in the evening
After all, humiliation is his concern
But our last laugh
Invisible Hero!

But at the hour when midnight extinguishes the colors
Former Pierrot will change his mask -
Many who laughed at him
Will turn into pus.
The clown does not remember these faces for nothing:
In the evening - a jester, and now - a murderer.
In a stuffy tavern, he will renounce
With a drunken horde.
In a tavern with a screeching violin
At the table from the mud sticky
He will laugh like Satan!

Tomorrow he has worries again
Because humiliation is his job
But our last laugh
An invisible hero.
Who bent his back in the arena
He experienced what the Force is.
Sing it, gypsy, light it up dear
You are white blood.

Google doesn't understand what 'the last laugh' idiom means.
Well, something like 'Whoever shoots first laughs well.'

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