Out-of-control car crashes through university gate in Thailand

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This is the moment an out-of-control car crashed through a university gate in Thailand.

A white sedan was seen speeding from inside the compound before ramming the steel gate in Bangkok on September 20.

The vehicle dragged the gate for a few metres after breaking it down and went further along the empty road before making a u-turn and went back inside the university compound.

Local authorities went to the area to investigate the incident but no arrest had been made so far as no complaints were reported to them yet.

Phranakhon Rajabhat University security officer Sommai Singhasiri said: ‘I was on duty in the morning when I noticed the car from inside a building.

‘It was swerving and driving fast before hitting through the gates. It also crashed through a parking sign before it made a u-turn back inside.’

The security officer asked his colleagues to intercept the car at the next gate but they did not catch up with it and escaped.

Police are now investigating the incident and have identified the owner of the car but the officers are still waiting for a complaint before they could make an arrest.

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