Makeup artist uses lube instead of primer under foundation in bizarre hack

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A makeup artist has shared a bizarre hack for getting a flawless base underneath foundation – using lube as a primer.

Harry Marjoram, 19, a full-time makeup artist from Lowestoft, UK, had the urge to try lubricant under his foundation after seeing other creators on TikTok try the unconventional product on their skin.

Reaching into his "sex drawer" to create his latest look, the artist – who goes by the name @kingharrry on TikTok – shared the innovative hack with his 183,000 followers in a post that has been viewed over 1.8 million times.

A famous face even spotted the popular post, which received over 170,000 likes.

Singer Lady Leshurr duetted the video on her TikTok, garnering over 6.2 million views.

She commented on Harry’s post: “U snapped!! I had to react.” [sic]

The hack is incredibly simple, and involves applying the lubricant to the skin before adding foundation.

"It is literally as simple as whacking that lube out of your little sex drawer, slapping it on your face, and then diving straight in with your foundation and concealer and everything afterwards,” Harry said.

"It just leaves your skin looking the most flawless it could ever look – I swear to god I'm not lying, it works wonders.

"It literally makes your foundation grip to your skin so well, better than any primer I have ever used and now we have an excuse to buy more lube – because he doesn't love a bit of lube?

"I very much do love the fact that my lube is now a dual-purpose product."

The makeup artist, who has been recreating makeup looks online since his early teens, said: "I very much am an experimental artist. I do take inspiration from a lot of different creators on the app and on Instagram, and from my followers as well, but I very much do like sitting in front of my palette looking at what I've got and seeing what I can work with.

"I used to consider myself a recreational artist because I would only copy a look and be happy with it once it was copied and looked the same.

"But now I can confidently say I can put a look together myself without any help and be happy with it, which is an amazing achievement for me because I never thought I'd be able to do anything like that."

Harry said of the reaction his post received: "It is just insane. Everyone is going absolutely crazy over it.

"My phone has not died down, obviously there's hate – there's so much hate, like you would not believe the amount of 12-year-olds in the comments.

"They're like ‘you shouldn't be using lube as primer’. I just think, oh my god it's a 15-second video babes, just chill out.”

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