South Korean swordsmith speaks on his collection of ancient Asian blades

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This master swordsmith in Seoul spoke in detail about his collection of ancient blades from Korea, China and Japan.

Han Jeong-Wook, the owner of Knife Gallery, spoke about the difference between blades from Korea, China and Japan: "China’s iron technology goes back some 2,500 years, Korea for about 2,000 years and Japan 1,500 years. The difference among the three countries is that China has abundant iron ores, steelmaking from iron ore, we(Korea) have iron-sand smelting technology, and Korean iron sand-steel making on passed to Japan that later evolved to Tatara Steel.

Visuals from inside the gallery show impressive collections of weapons including large swords, bows and arrows, and smaller knives.

The swordsmith added: "Until around 1,200 years ago, most of (Korean) swords were straight knives. Then Mongolia has had a huge influence on mainland China. Mongolians mostly used curved swords. Those with a large curvature.

"It is said that those with curvature can cut larger area. As kitchen knives are curvaceous, for instance, people say that the blade with a curve is more advantageous for cutting.

After being asked how does it feel to make a sword, Jeong-Wook said: "There is no special sensation to it. I just make them one after another while living. It is an endless process. How can there be completion? There is no such thing."

This footage was filmed in October 2020.

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