Archaeologists in Guatemala discover replica of Mexican Mayan city

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Archaeologists in Guatemala have uncovered ruins that bear similarities to the ancient Mayan city Teotihuacan in Mexico.

A study by Brown University, the University of Texas and the Mayan Cultural and Natural Heritage Foundation of Guatemala (PACUNAM) found in Tikal an archaeological site that is an almost exact replica of the Teotihuacan citadel.

Edwin Roman Ramirez, archaeologist and the South Tikal Archaeological Project (PAST) Director, said: "The most important data comes from this structure, here we can see that it has this structure that was very similar to the architecture that is in Teotihuacan, and it is with this structure that it is behind Mundo Perdido.

"The interesting thing is that this entire region had a lot of evidence of foreign people, for example here a burial was found that was not very common for the Mayan area, the ancients made a grave in a little house and in that Trench they put green obsidian.

The interesting thing is that it is a cremation is not something that is typical of the Mayans, cremation is more common in central Mexico, so we can see that there were many indications, such as architecture, talud-board, here there was that style before the arrival of the Teotihuacanos but that began to be used much more after the year 378, so those are the hypotheses and the objectives that we have in this project, is to try to determine if the Mayans coexisted here and Teotihuacanos in the Early Classic period."

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