Students down cartons of milk outside after Chinese school allegedly bans 'off-campus' food and drink

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Two students drunk 11 cartons of milk outside after allegedly being refused to bring them inside a school in southern China.

Video filmed in the city of Dazhou in Sichuan Province on September 11 shows two boys squatting down on the ground to try to finish a box of 24 cartons of milk in front of the gate of Dazhou Foreign Language School.

According to reports, the two students are freshmen and one student's grandmother gave a box of milk to him but he was told by a passerby that off-campus food was not allowed to be brought into the school.

Since the boy did not want to waste the milk, he and another boy tried to drink all of them at the school gate.

Adults and the security guard were seen trying to stop them and said "do not drink" repeatedly.

The security guard explained that they did not force the students to drink the milk before entering the school but tried to persuade them to stop drinking.

In consideration of the food safety issues, the school banned off-campus food but they can deposit it in the security office and healthy food like fruits are allowed to be brought in.

Local authorities are investigating the case.

The video was provided by local media with permission.

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