Record-breaking robot teaches humans how to play table tennis

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This robot that teaches humans how to play table tennis has been entered into the Guinness World Records.

The device named FORPHEUS (Future Omron Robotics Technology for Exploring Possibility of Harmonized Automation with Sinic Theoretics) was given the record for being the first robot table tennis tutor.

According to the project's lead developer Taku Oya, the goal of FORPHEUS was to harmonise humans and robots, by way of teaching the game of table tennis to human players.

Oya said: "At the moment it is a human who teaches a robot how to behave or teach. But in the next 20 years it may be possible that a robot teaches a robot or a robot develops a robot.”

The machine is easily able to act as a coach thanks to cutting edge vision and motion sensors it can use to gauge movement during a match.

This functionality also allows the robot to show its human student to see a projected image as to where the return ball will land so that they may improve their skills.

One of the most difficult aspects of the project was determining the algorithms needed for artificial intelligence that would help FORPHEUS determine how well human participants play the game.

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