Cat chef goes viral on TikTok with 3 million fans as pet 'cooks' gourmet recipes

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A “cat chef” has gone viral on TikTok with more than three million fans – as videos show the pet appearing to cook up a host of gourmet recipes.

Two-year-old Lego, from China, appears to love purr-fecting his cooking skills, and can often be found using his paws to create delicious meals and snacks on TikTok (@kittygod_cn).

Described by owner Li Jie, 28, as the “world’s first cat chef”, Lego’s paws appear to hold cooking utensils as he creates a series of complex dishes – from fried pork chops to tofu pudding.

The popular moggy has built up a following of 3.3 million on TikTok, with one video of him making a fruity ice bucket out of a watermelon being viewed 73 million times.

In another post, Lego shows his followers how to make a beef and cabbage stew – appearing to chop the cabbage himself before layering thin slices of beef and placing it all carefully into a bowl.

Another popular post shows Lego whipping up a fishy dish, scaling and slicing the fish – and taking time to enjoy a quick bite – before frying it up and seasoning it. At the end, the cat even appears to hold the spoon up as he tucks in.

His followers are obsessed with watching the pet cooking up a storm.

One person said: “This cat is a better chef than me.”

“Okay but is anyone talking about how the cat was literally holding the spoon to eat,” asked another follower.

Someone else commented: “The cat is just a master chef.”

Li films the videos controlling the angle so it appears to the audience that Lego is holding the utensils rather than her.

She cooks the food but has Lego pose with it throughout the cooking process – something she says he is happy to do.

“His character is very docile and he trusts us very much,” Li said.

“Every time we get ready to shoot a video, he knows the work is about to start and will wait for us at the workbench.

“Of course, he also likes his reward very much.

“Almost all of our audience thinks this idea is creative and lovely.”

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