Meet serial record-breaker Silvio Sabba who has over 200 incredible feats to his name

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Many people dream of one day being officially recognised as the best in the world at one discipline, be it cup stacking, fire breathing, or running marathons.

However, after achieving his first record in 2011 for most squats in one minute, Italian personal trainer Silvio Sabba decided being the best at just one thing wasn't enough.

Now, over eight years on from the start of his record-breaking journey, he holds over 200 Guinness World Records titles.

“For me, breaking records means working to become the very best in the world in whatever I do. Record-breaking is not a hobby for me, but a job,” Silvio explained.

“I have trained for 2 to 3 hours a day from Monday to Friday over the past 8 years! On the weekends I rest or organise my official attempts.”

Among his many achievements, Silvio has broken records for most eggs held in the hand (palm down) (8) and most underpants pulled on in 30 seconds (16) (though this record has now been broken); as well as more physical challenges such as most jump squats in one minute (male) (62), highest standing jump (one leg) (1.346 m / 4 ft 5 in) and most squats on a balance board carrying a 100 lb pack in one minute (22).

“My favourite records involve fitness. I like jumping records and balance board challenges most of all. The record I am most proud of is highest standing jump onto a balance board carrying a 40 lb pack, which I achieved on a TV show in China.”

Silvio is unquestionably one of the most proficient record-breakers in human history.

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