Guy films himself running for the first 104 days of the year, a second at a time

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A man in Kazakhstan filmed himself running around various locations in the capital Almaty for the first 104 days of the year, one second at a time, for a New Year's resolution.

Runner Aknazar films selfie video jogging around his apartment complex and pretty countryside on the outskirts of Almaty.

"[I filmed] 104 one-second clips of me running through first 104 days of 2021," Aknazar explained. "Each day for 104 days I filmed myself running in a different location. It was a challenge to explore the area and do something interesting everyday.

"Sometimes I needed to get real creative with locations I choose and also push hard to get to new places, either by running, hiking or having long walks."

"It wasn't unusual to get lost and struggling to find a way out when I was in the middle of nowhere."

Aknazar only stopped running when he ran out of interesting locations to film.

"This project was born out of my New Year's commitment to doing something interesting every day and I decided a running montage from different and peculiar locations that I've never been to would be really cool," he told Newsflare.

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