Police checkpoints, empty streets and bars as Greece enters new partial lockdown

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Greek police officers, deployed on the streets of Thessaloniki, stop people traveling in their cars as the country enters a new partial lockdown and issues overnight curfews in eight regions.

Footage also shows empty streets, bars, and restaurants.

A man named Giannis, who appears in the video, says: "I can't understand the purpose of this new lockdown. I accept the temporary ban on bars and restaurants that do not comply with the COVID-19 measures, but I can't accept a whole overnight curfew extended to everyone. I can't".

He also adds: "This lockdown will push people to gather indoors. I do not think this measure will help contain the spread of the virus. A while ago, government officials said we will no longer need lockdowns because of vaccinations, so things should be completely different".

Many regions in Greece are facing near-lockdown conditions, particularly in the northern part of the country, because of the spread of the Delta variant and people refusing to get vaccinated.

Regions classified as red have imposed an overnight curfew from 1 to 6 am and a 24-hour ban on music at all entertainment venues, including bars and caf├ęs.

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