Hundreds of Beirut drivers SLEEP in their cars as they queue overnight at petrol stations

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Astonishing footage has emerged from Beirut showing hundreds of drivers lining up all night at a petrol station with many sleeping in their vehicles to try to guarantee getting fuel the next morning.

Footage filmed by YouTuber Ali Chehade on Sunday (August 22) shows a huge queue of locals taking the desperate measure amid the country's fuel shortage.

"Hundreds of cars parked the night before so people can fill up," says Chehade in the clip as he drives past the remarkably long queue.

"There are at least four lanes of waiting cars and the gas station is not even open," he adds.

According to Chehade, the queuing drivers are in no way guaranteed to get fuel after their long wait as the petrol station may not even open for business the following morning. Even if it does, Chehade says, they may not have enough fuel for the whole queue or may offer only 10 litres per customer.

Fuel prices in Lebanon are at the highest they have been in the country's history and shortages in supply continue to affect all sectors of the economy.

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