Wild musk deer caught after hiding in family’s bedroom

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A wild musk deer was caught hiding in the ceiling of a family’s bedroom.

The two-year-old male deer sneaked into the property through the gaps in the roof of the home in Trat province on September 17.

Its tail dangled from the beam into the living room scaring the elderly house owner as she thought it was a snake that entered the room.

However, a closer look revealed that it was a deer struggling to balance on the beams by the ceiling so she called the animal rescuers for help.

House owner Samang Imurai, 64, said: ‘I was watching the television when I noticed something moving above. I thought it was a snake but I realised it was the tail of a deer.’

Sawang Boon Association rescue volunteers arrived at the house to capture the wild animal using a long pole with a noose.

The animal hid in a dark corner of the bedroom but the team was able to catch it easily inside the cramped space in less than half an hour.

Rescuers believed that the deer wandered into a nearby coconut plantation to find food and tried to seek shelter from the house when it rained.

The deer was taken by the team to be released back into the wild as it was not hurt.

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