3   Hummingbird keeps flying back to US woman who rescued it

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A tiny hummingbird kept flying back to the woman who initially rescued it.

Lemanda Del Toro, based in San Antonio, Texas, was filming what she thought would be a sendoff for the bird. But the hummingbird kept flying back into her hands.

She said: "I found a very still hummingbird at the bottom of a chapel window. I picked him up gently to find that he had injured his left wing. I was nervous to leave him where I found him as there are always cats around the property.

"I held him in my open palm for several minutes. His first attempt at flying away was not very successful. Then, I tried to introduce him to some nearby rose bushes, hoping he would become stimulated enough to come out of his obvious daze. His second attempt at flight is what is captured on video.

"Although composed in the video, internally, I was rather surprised that he flew back to me. As I witnessed his return, I instinctively put my palm up as if I somehow knew he would come back. Eventually, he flew away."

This footage was filmed on May 21.

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