Angry model attacks traffic cop after ‘being caught driving without license’

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An angry model attacked a traffic cop after allegedly being caught driving without license in the Philippines.

Pauline Mae Altamirano, 26, was flagged by officers for allegedly beating the red light along Osmena Highway in Manila City on May 27.

Instead of stopping for inspection, the woman tried to flee but she was cornered on the busy part of the motorway.

When the model was asked for her driver’s license, she refused to produce it and then began attacking the traffic enforcer.

Footage shows Pauline hitting the male officer in the face before grabbing him by the collar so he would return a piece of paper retrieved from the model.

The traffic cop Marcos Anzurez Jr said the woman could not provide her driver’s license so they asked for the copy of the car’s registration.

He said: ’She was giving us a driver’s license bearing another person’s name because her wallet was allegedly lost.

‘We asked for the car registration and told her the car would be impounded because she did not have a license. That’s when she started becoming violent.’

The woman was arrested and detained at the police station to face charges for driving without license, direct assault, and resistance and disobedience to a person in authority.

Manila Police District Special Mayor’s Reaction Team Station Chief Police Major Rosalino Ibay Jr said they will start a formal investigation on the incident.

He said: ‘We will start a formal investigation on the matter. For now we have taken the copy of the car registration, licenses, and the video as evidence.’

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