Proof that Valvoline ruined my car ( coincidentally )

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I posted 3 videos over the past 4 day about a local valvoline store in warrensville heights, Ohio that ruined my car. I found someone who went through the same incident with their car that I did at Valvoline ( with another company ) .. I guess an oil change place will do these thing to you if they dislike you or are jealous of you... they say you have an oil leak and then it turns into transmission... Then they will tell you that they will cover your charges if you provide proof that they ruined your car, then they will try to fight you if you go back to them... The oil change places will tell you a story about how your oil cap wasn't on hard enough, or excess oil was leaking from the oil change. But it will go away.... Blah, blah, blah... Then your stuck with a more problems to your car. Or you have to continue to add more fluid to fix a car leak

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