Thirty-five baby turtle hatchlings released at beach in Padang, Indonesia

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Around 35 baby turtle hatchlings were released at Pasir Jambak Beach in Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia on Sunday 10 October.

They were released by the manager of and visitors to the Jambak Sea Turtle Camp, including a number of children.

It was the last hatching of this season, because the end of the year is spawning season.

The manager of the Jambak Sea Turtle Camp, Pati Hariyose, explained the purpose of releasing the turtles is to invite the public to care about the sustainability of turtles, protecting and not consuming turtle eggs in order to maintain the population of these protected animals.

"The release of the turtles also invites visitors to Pasir Jambak beach to release turtles so that later their interest in preserving the turtles will be stronger," he said.

About 40 eggs were incubated, from which about 35 eggs hatched, Yose added.

"The process of spawning and hatching turtles every year continues to decrease, in which turtles, apart from being prey for marine life, are also still being hunted by a number of residents for consumption of turtle meat and eggs," he said.

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