Dozens of tourists arrested for party on Thai island for 'breaking Covid-19 lockdown'

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Dozens of tourists – with two of them testing positive to Covid-19 – were arrested at a party on a Thai island for allegedly breaking coronavirus guidelines.

The holidaymakers – 13 foreigners and 11 Thais – were caught on the illegal drunken party in Koh Samui island’s luxurious Lamborghini villa in Surat Thani province on August 21.

Koh Samui and neighbouring Phuket are currently the only two regions allowing vaccinating tourists to return under the ‘sandbox’ scheme, which is seen as a model for re-opening popular destinations across Southeast Asia.

Annoyed locals complained to police about the party and officers visited the property where they found several cars and motorcycles parked in front as loud music blared inside.

Upon searching the area and the party-goers, police found alcoholic drinks. Several bags of cocaine allegedly belonging to French man and a Filipino woman were also found.

Koh Samui District Chief Theera Pong said: ‘Aside from the illegal drugs, one of the Thai party-goers identified as 30-year-old Chaideaw Thitichayanuwat was a person under an arrest warrant at the Taling Chan Criminal Court.

‘Filipino national Vanessa De Vera and a French national Righini Jean-Charles were charged with illegal possession of cocaine with a total weight of 0.65grams and 0.90grams respectively.’

Muang district public health officer Aphidej Phromkhum said that two of the partygoers – an Australian man who owned the villa and a Thai woman who attended the party – tested positive for coronavirus.

He said: ‘All party-goers are currently being quarantined in a field hospital provided by the Koh Samui Center for Disease Control.’

The 24 party-goers were charged for jointly violating the emergency decree banning parties due to the spread of Covid-19.

Thailand has recorded 1,120,869 Covid-19 cases and 10,314 deaths as of August 26. Koh Samui island, home to 5,000 ex-pats, had been a popular destination for tourists until the country imposed travel restrictions to control infections since March last year.

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