Afghans claim neighbours were also killed in US drone strike, including 8-year-old child

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Two residents of Afghanistan's Nangarhar province speak to the camera and claim that their neighbours were killed in the US drone strike that was launched in response to the suicide bombing attack outside Kabul airport.

According to them, the US strike hit a house in a densely populated area housing two families, in the Qala-e-Naghrak 7th district.

The two men say that an eight-year-old child, a woman, and a man were killed. Another woman was seriously injured.

U.S. Capt Bill Urban of Central Command said: "Initial indications are that we killed the target. We know of no civilian casualties."

Neighbors of those killed say that the victims had no contact with men that the US strike wanted to target. However, Taliban security officials said they had found signs at the scene of the attack that the victims were members of ISIS.

In the first interview, Faizullah says: "These people were our neighbors and had been living here for three months. The strike took place at 2 am. After the incident, we asked a child for more information. He told me that they were originally from the Kot district. We saw three people dead and one woman injured. Among the dead were a man, a woman, and an 8-year-old child".

In the second interview, Farhad says: "There was a heavy explosion at 2 am. When we heard it, we left the house. The house was on fire. There was a man, a woman, and a child. Another woman was seriously injured. She took us to the hospital, but she was heavily bleeding. After the strike, no one came to help out of fear".

According to local sources, the woman, who was injured in the attack, is being treated at a regional hospital in Jalalabad and is being monitored by the Taliban.

A surviving child of the victim's family told locals that they were originally from the Kot district in Nangarhar.

The Khurasan militant group has not yet commented on the strike.

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