‘Drunk driving’ cabbie spins out of control on wet road before hitting electricity post

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A taxi spun out of control on a wet road before crashing into an electricity post after the driver had allegedly been drink driving.

CCTV footage shows the pink cab sliding along the slippery highway and smashing into the structure after heavy rain in Buriram province, Thailand, on September 10.

Concerned locals rushed to help the driver, Tinnakhon Bunta, 41, and his two passengers Shatree Langkaew, 45, and Charin Shobshon, 45 who were trapped in the car and appeared to be badly injured.

The rescue team took more than 30 minutes to spread the smashed-up car parts and carried the injured out to the nearest hospital.

Police later arrived at the scene and found the car’s brakes marks for a distance of 50 meters. They said that the driver and passengers discharged themselves from hospital amid suspicions they were drunk.

Lieutenant Colonel Aphitak Yantaruk said: ‘The passengers disappeared from the hospital. Staff told us that the pair only had minor injuries and appeared to be drunk.

‘We have their details and will find them for questioning, so the case is not finished.’

Onlooker Peung Tongbo, 52 said: ‘At first I saw a black pickup truck moving, and suddenly a pink taxi showed up and sped past the intersection. I heard the sound of the loud brakes and saw the taxi spinning into the electric pole.’

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