Firefighters retrieves clumsy man's ATM card from sewer in Indonesia

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Firefighters were called to ‘rescue’ an ATM card that fell into a sewer in Indonesia.

Six volunteers rushed to the scene after a local called them for help in retrieving his valuables that had slipped into the narrow hole of a drain in East Jakarta on October 8.

The man had just ordered some meatballs from a street food vendor and was about to withdraw some cash in the machine in front of a bank when his wallet and phone fell off his hands.

Upon arrival, the team had to remove the cover of the sewer before one of them climbed down to take the local’s ATM card and phone.

Fire marshall Gatot Sulaiman said: ‘The incident happened in the afternoon when offices and banks were already closed. The local called us for help.

‘He said he could not wait until Monday to go to the bank and have the card replaced so he asked us to take it. He also had his phone under.’

A pulley was set up on top of the drain so that the six volunteers could remove the heavy concrete cover using a rope.

After almost half an hour, they were able to open it up before one of the rescuers climbed down to search for the valuables. It was returned to the owner who thanked the team for not refusing to help him.

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