Cats enjoy purrr-fect pampering at kitty spa in Bangkok (with subtitles)

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Cats enjoy purrr-fect pampering in this kitty spa in Thailand.

The cozy Cat Walk Naja pet hotel offers services for cat lovers who want their furry friends to relax when they are not around to take care of them in Bangkok.

The grooming package includes a pet spa that costs 400 baht (8.84 GBP) per session and after cleaning the kitty, the staff use massage machines from their heads to their paws.

It also has a luxury room that includes sleeping beds, cat walls, and various toys for the pets to enjoy their stay at the hotel.

Pet hotel owner Natjalee said she started the cat hotel business after noticing that there are many pet lovers around their area.

She said: 'We thought this business would match us. We are cat people. Only people who love cats would own a cat hotel.

'We had this property and thought about what kind of business would match us and would be close to our love. So we decided to open a cat hotel.'

Booking a room or service at the Cat Walk Naja can be done through their online channels.

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