Bride breaks down after discovering she was scammed on her wedding day

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This is the moment a bride broke down in tears after discovering she was scammed on her wedding day.

Cherry Pie Satingasin and husband Arniel had just arrived at their wedding reception venue with family after their church ceremony in Cebu province, the Philippines on September 22.

However, the couple and their entourage were left confused when the venue’s staff informed them that no event was booked that day before they realised that their wedding coordinator could have scammed them.

Footage shows the bride, robbed of her special day, weeping on a corner while her mum consoled her amid the chaos.

Speaking with local media, Cherry said: ‘We didn’t know what to do. Our guests were already so hungry. I felt humiliated and furious.’

Still in her white wedding dress, the dismayed bride fell to her knees and broke down in tears on the dirty pavement. Some of their guests called the police to report the wedding coordinator who was missing in action during the wedding.

The planner had allegedly ran off with the couple’s 65,000 PHP (a little more than 1270 USD) and could no longer be contacted. The couple also found that he failed to pay the wedding suppliers.

The reception venue which the couple had paid for in advance was not booked so it was completely empty with no food, decorations, nor sign that a reception would be held.

Police were able to arrest the wedding organiser a day after, on September 23, and he was questioned over allegedly scamming Cherry and other brides between 2017 and 2019.

Meanwhile, good Samaritans who saw Cherry’s video offered to host a wedding reception free of charge, but Cherry said she turned them down.

She said: ‘We received many offers. I think there were five who offered their services. We’re grateful to all of them but we would like to think about it for now.’

The newlyweds said they have already forgiven the rogue planner and are mulling whether or not to file charges against him.

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