Motorist's car breaks down next to wild elephants in South African safari park

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A motorist's car broke down next to a couple of wild elephants in Kruger National Park, South Africa.

The group are seen trying to jump-start the vehicle while two elephants watch on from a distance.

The filmer told Newsflare: "We were driving along the Kruger National Park roads in South Africa when we came across a lady whose vehicle broke down next to the road.

"It was right next to two wild elephants and she could do nothing but wait for someone to drive down the road and see that she was in trouble.

"As we approached my husband said it was strange that her bonnet of the vehicle is open when there were elephants so close by. We stopped and asked if everything was okay and she said the battery of her car died and she needed a jump to get it going again.

"My husband quickly jumped out to help, still very cautious of the two wild elephants so close by. No problems to start the car and she could safely travel to her next stop to fix the battery."

This footage was filmed on July 18.

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