School uses robot teaching assistant to improve children's learning in Gaza, Palestine

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A school in the Gaza Strip uses a robot teaching assistant to improve children's learning in the classroom.

The mechanical aide named Mr. Robot was created by Engineer Hassan Al-Razi, an engineering sciences teacher at the Al-Basma Modern School in the war-torn region of Palestine.

He said the school administration's interest in incorporating technology in education sparked the idea to build the interactive robot.

Despite the lack of electronic parts due to the blockade imposed by Israel and Egypt, Al-Razi managed to cobble the robot together using alternatives.

He said: 'The difficulties were, of course, in the scarcity of materials and electronic parts available in the market to complete the robot's production. But thank God we faced these difficulties and overcame them with the alternatives available.'

Al-Razi added that the presence of Mr. Robot has improved students' participation in class. The eager students were seen raising their hands and volunteering to interact with the machine during lessons.

He said: 'I found that the students have more passion to learn about interactive talking robots, move and interact with them in a lively way. So it was necessary to manufacture this robot that achieves this goal and creates an atmosphere of interaction within the class.

'Mr. Robot participates in the educational process as a student and teacher. Certainly, the students' enthusiasm has increased and made them more receptive to information.'

The Gaza Strip in the State of Palestine has been the scene of military and terrorist conflict for a number years amid a dispute with Israel over territory and religion.

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