Iconic Yorkshire landmark at Eggborough demolished by controlled explosives

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Today marks the end of an era, as a prominent landmark in Yorkshire was brought down in seconds.
4 cooling towers at Eggborough Power Station was scheduled to be demolished today (Sunday 1st August) and at approximately 8am after an explosion, they disappeared in a thick cloud of dust. The event was filmed from 1 mile away, hence the delay of the sound of the explosion. The iconic landmark can be seen from miles away which travellers used as a marker to let them know they're nearly home. Eggborough Power Station started producing electricity in 1967 and has since been a landmark for over 50 years. At it's capacitiy, the plant produced 1960 megawatts of electricity that powered around 2 million homes, or a city the size of Leeds or Sheffield. The coal fired station closed back in September 2018 with plans to build a newer gas powered station with a capacity to produce 2500 megawatts of electricity.
The event was filmed from 1 mile away, hence the delay between the sound of the explosion

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