Hilarious moment rivals compete for wedding dance-floor space: drunk groomsman falls head over heels!

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Two "rivals" are vying for a dance performance at a wedding
in Mobberley village, in Cheshire, England, as "Proud Mary" by Tina Turner plays.

Darryl, the man dressed in light blue, has always been a performer. He is known for his interpretation of this song and will always clear the dance floor to perform it at any cost.

But this time, the dance floor is busy. A drunk groomsman is playfully dancing and stealing the scene, so Darryl jumps in with his pirouettes, while the other man completely ignores him. He can't get him out of the way to show his best dance moves.

The two "rivals" finally acknowledge each other's presence and start dancing together, ending up chest to chest, waiting to see who will have the pleasure to perform "Proud Mary".

It all ends in disaster with the groomsman losing his balance, falling backward, legs in the air. In the fall, he hits the guitarist who nearly falls off the stage. Fortunately, the straps save him.

The person who captured this hilarious moment is Darryl's fiancé. He says: "I filmed this at my best friend's wedding. My fiancé is always a performer. The bride loves it and wanted to see the whole thing".

The clip was filmed on September 4.

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