Woman finally has diamond ring stuck on her finger removed by firemen

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This is the moment a woman had her diamond ring cut off after it was stuck on her finger.

Supachaya Kraipoch, 28, had been wearing her gem-encrusted engagement ring for a month straight when she felt her finger swelling upon waking up at home in Chonburi province, Thailand on July 7.

The school teacher tried sliding the accessory off lathering it with soap and then oil but without success so she called the emergency services for help.

Supachaya said: ’This engagement ring is very precious to me because this was also my husband’s gift to me.

‘I used to take it off at night before going to bed but since I was afraid it would be lost I have been wearing it for a month straight.’

When the rescue team arrived, they immediately used a metal cutting disc to pierce through the accessory as it had been preventing blood flow on the woman’s finger from being too tight.

A volunteer carefully held the cutting tool so that the teacher would not be wounded from the sharp disc.

After almost half an hour, the ring was removed and the woman was given a first aid treatment for the scratches on her fingers.

The relieved teacher said: ‘I never thought the ring could be stuck like that. I want to thank the rescuers for their prompt response.’

The ring was returned to the woman who will now have it repaired and extended to create a larger size for her finger.

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