10 October Ankara Massacre commemorated on its 6th anniversary in Istanbul, Turkey

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Hundreds of people gathered in Istanbul on Sunday 10 October to mark the anniversary of the Ankara Massacre.

On October 10, 2015, the terror group IS carried out a suicide bomb attack on the Labor, Peace and Democracy rally in Ankara, Turkey. In the attack, 104 people lost their lives and hundreds were injured.

A commemoration event was held in Istanbul on the 6th anniversary of the massacre. Photographs of those who lost their lives in the massacre were also unveiled at the event.

Özer Değirmenci, who was injured in the massacre, said: "On the morning of October 10, 2015, tens of thousands of people with love in their hearts, smiles in their eyes and songs of peace in their tongues were together in brotherhood. The enthusiastic union that gave hope to all of us in that dark period was covered in blood by two bombs that exploded one after the other at 10:04. As a result of the bloody attack carried out by two ISIS member suicide bombers, 104 of our friends lost their lives, nearly 500 of our friends were injured, some of them were disabled. We commemorate with respect and longing all our friends we lost in the biggest mass murder in the history of Turkey. Our longing for them grows more and more every day. Public officials and politicians who were negligent in the massacre should also be prosecuted. This bloody massacre, which we commemorate today in its 6th year, could have been prevented. Between two elections, the 10 October Ankara Massacre, which corresponds to a dark period of 2015, is a political murder."

Hozan Ozgan, son of Vahdettin Ozgan, who lost his life in the massacre, gave a speech: "No matter what difficult conditions we have, we have never been and will not give up. We buried all the 104 lives we lost as a seed. With their hope, another flower was born. We have never lost hope and never will. All these murderers will be prosecuted. The government will give us an account. We will ask the state to account for all of these.”

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