Police release footage of RAM RAID where three men stole £1,500 of cigarettes, alcohol, razor blades and football cards – before dangerous police chas

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Police have released footage of a ram raid in Isle of Grain, Kent, in which three men stole £1,500 worth of cigarettes, alcohol, razor blades and football cards over four minutes.

Clint Londors, 48, drove to Grain High Street in his silver BMX X5 at around 3am on 21 June 2021, accompanied by Bradley Pearce, 39, and Jamie Turner, 39.

In the video, the driver can be seen reversing his car into the front of the Co-op shop twice, smashing the glass and door frame.

Pearce and Turner get out of the vehicle carrying bags, and can be seen carrying items out and back into the car.

Londors joins them and takes crates of lager, before driving off with the stolen haul.

In the space of four minutes, the trio had looted approximately £1,500 worth of goods.

Londors then drove his accomplices away from the scene and towards Rochester.

Officers on patrol in Grain Road were alerted to the alarm sounding at the Co-op, and saw the BMW speed past them.

Suspecting they were responsible for the alarm, they chased the car.

The pursuit continued across the village, with Londors attempting to reverse into the police vehicle on several occasions, making contact at one point.

Londors also drove the wrong way along a dual carriageway, causing approaching vehicles to swerve out of the way to avoid a collision.

Officers lost sight of the car near Frinbury and were assisted by a police helicopter to relocate the thieves half an hour later – finding Turner hiding in some woodland.

They found stolen items strewn around and, when searching him, found cigarettes and razor blades hidden in his clothing.

A short while later the damaged BMW was found unattended on a footpath near Four Elms Hill.

The police helicopter detected movement nearby and Pearce was found and arrested.

Londors was detained on 29 June after enquiries were made into the ownership of the BMW.

The three men were charged with burglary and Londors was charged with dangerous driving.

Pearce was charged with a second count of burglary at a shop in Rochester High Street on 17 June, where bridal accessories had been stolen during a break-in.

On 15 October at Maidstone Crown Court, Londors was sentenced to three years and eight months in prison, and was disqualified for three years and six months from driving.

Meanwhile on the same date Turner, who was also on probation at the time of the incident, was jailed for three years and four months.

On Monday (1 November) Pearce was sentenced to two years and eight months imprisonment – which included a concurrent sentence of three months in relation to the previous burglary.

Investigating officer, PC Rebecca Howlett of the Chief Constable’s Crime Squad, said: “The damage caused by these criminals caused the shop to close for three days while repairs costing £35,000 were completed.

“The only post office in the area was situated inside the premises and the closure caused considerable inconvenience to local residents, particularly the elderly and those unable to travel.

“These small local shops are vital to communities and this type of crime can affect the financial viability of the business and its ability to continue.

“These offenders showed no consideration for the impact of their crime thinking only of making a quick profit from selling the stolen property.

“The manner of the driving as they sought to avoid arrest was reckless in the extreme and these men thoroughly deserve some time in prison.”

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