Heroic puppies alert owner after FISH leaps from pond and starts suffocating on ground

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This is the incredible moment heroic puppies started barking to get the attention of their owner after a fish leapt out of a pond and was suffocating on the ground.

The koi carp was darting through the water energetically when it jumped over the edge in Chonburi province, Thailand on August 27 evening.

CCTV footage shows how the ornamental fish landed next to a one-year-old chihuahua puppy named Nam Ning, who scampered across the concrete to avoid being hit by the creature.

The startled pooch ran back inside the house while her sibling named Nam Soup walked over to check on the giant fish as it struggled to breathe on the floor.

Nam Soup hovered around the fish before barking for help. Several other puppies joined him and also made a noise, which helped to alert the owner who came running out in his shorts.

Proud pet owner Sura Rueangpradit said: ‘The fish almost fell on Nam-Ning, but fortunately it didn’t and her sibling Nam-Soup called me to rescue the fish before it was too late.

‘The net covered the whole pond so I thought it was strange how the fish managed to jump so high and hit the ground. I checked the CCTV and saw everything that happened.’

Sura walked out and was shocked to discover his koi carp fish wiggling on the floor. He immediately found a piece of cloth and lifted the fish back to the pond.

The carp, worth several hundred pounds, was uninjured following the fall and continued swimming in the pond as normal.

Sura added: ‘I’m so grateful to my pet dogs for telling me there was a problem with the fish. It would have died if they didn’t get my attention.’

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