Dog rescued after getting trapped in hunter’s snare in the forest

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A hapless dog was rescued after it was trapped in a hunter’s snare.

The three-year-old female stray was found by officers while patrolling the forest at the Huai Thap Than-Huai Samran Wildlife Sanctuary in Surin province, Thailand on August 17.

Its legs were caught in the string set up by illegal hunters who were hoping to trap wild boars roaming the sanctuary.

Park officers then cut the string and carefully freed the animal which was already weak when they arrived before taking it to the village to be treated.

The wildlife sanctuary’s public relations department officer Tikhamporn Singha said: ‘We will be more vigilant in doing patrols to prevent these illegal activities.

‘Aside from illegally hunting inside the sanctuary, there were also some who do illegal logging of trees so patrols are important.’

After being rescued, the dog was given some food and water before its deep leg wounds were given first aid treatment.

It also sustained some wounds around its body due to the tight rope that gripped it but it is now in stable condition as a villager volunteered to take care of the pooch until it was better.

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